Saturday, February 27, 2010

Judah's first trip to the beach in SC

Judah had his first trip to a Carolina beach in July. We went to the Isle of Palms near Charleston. Very different from the beach we both grew up with. Judah didn't quite know what to make of it. I promise that I bought him a real rash guard shirt after this trip.

July 4th

July 4th was the first holiday without my dad. We have always had big celebrations for the 4th at the river but of course everything was different this year. Judah had a new co-pilot on the boat, Uncle Matt, Julie came down to stay, and Judah even got into the holiday spirit - everything was about adjusting to the new "normal." I think we had a good time.

Judah 18 months

My mom came and stayed with us for a couple of weeks after my dad died. Judah had a great time playing with Granny.

Judah and Grandaddy

These are the last pictures taken of Judah with my dad in April before my dad died in June. My dad sure loved Judah and loved any opportunity to spend time with him. Every morning that we stayed at my parents' house, Dad would come get Judah first thing in the morning where they would walk outside by the water and "talk." I sure miss that.

You know you are a preacher's kid when...

Modern Reformation is your magazine of choice at 17 months.

Judah 17 months

We had fun with Judah during the month of May. As the weather got warmer, he spent a lot of time in his wading pool and playing at the parks. He also got an Ikea tent that he still loves to play in and wanted to "read" or be read to all the time.

Fun with Food

Judah really is such a good eater these days. These pictures are all from around May of 2009 and show how that has not always been the case. For a long time, I think we fed him chicken nuggets for every meal and then tried to start being more balanced, exhibit A the healthy meal in the top picture. We then began to have food wars almost every night, with his cleanliness being a casualty. The last couple of months I have really started trying to feed him what we eat for dinner that night. He still pitches a hissy fit sometimes, but for the most part he is doing much better.