Saturday, June 30, 2012

Zucchini Cakes


We have a good friend that has been letting me help in her garden this summer in exchange for some fresh veggies.  JM has been putting his culinary skills to good use and making some really good meals.  Here's the process from beginning to end for one of his recipes.  Here's the link to the actual recipe.  (We substituted creole seasoning for adobo.)

Hot Day at the Edisto Gardens


Fun in the car (at the stoplight, I promise)


Fun with playdoh


Mother-Daughter Night at Chick-fil-a

 Not sure about this eyeshadow
 Now she needs makeup whenever I am putting mine on
 Pretty (out of focus) girl
 H and her friend, Aubrie
 H and her mama
 First fingernail painting
Showing off her nails

Playing in the rain


Weathers' Tea Party

Princess Harper
With her wand
Such a pretty table

Harper's seat

May Miscellaneous

 Sweet baby girl
 Watch out for this one
 I need to check this book out from the library so I can burn it
 Planking (she doesn't know this fad is over)
She always wants to talk on the phone and she is only two.  This makes me very worried for the future.

Judah's last day of K-3 at Saint Andrews

 Judah's teachers, Ms. Karen and Ms. Ashley
 funny faces (Ms. Karen's idea)
 pre-school photo session
 showing his tonsils
 showing his muscles
 my big boy
both of my sweet babies

Judah's last day of K-3 was back in May.   His class was supposed to have a water day but had rainy weather instead.  We are going to miss his incredible teachers at Saint Andrews in Orangeburg.  Next year, Judah will be in the Montessori program at the K-8 school here in town.  We hope that his experience in K-4 is as wonderful as his time at Saint Andrews.