Monday, July 2, 2012

Too Quiet

We have been without kids since they left with their Nana and Aunt Mandi.  We spent a couple of restful days in Myrtle Beach but have been around the house since then (mainly because of the 100+ degree heat).  Tomorrow is the day we finally go to see the kids.  This mama is so ready to see them and Aunt Julie (and the rest of the family). 


 Messy eater
 This is what he looks like in the morning
His old man faces

Father's Day Trip to Isle of Palms

John Mark asked that we go to the beach and eat at Pawley's Front Porch for Father's Day.  Unfortunately, we discovered when we got home from church that Judah was running a fever.  His fever broke after getting medicine so we went on Monday.  The last time that we went there had been a tidal pool next to our chairs so the kids pretty much played by themselves.  This time the beach was much more crowded and the tide was out, Judah was very whiny (which is par for the course these days but I think made worse by being sick), and Harper alternated between dousing herself in mud and trying to get us to clean her off so she could get back in the mud.  Not sure if it was the relaxing Father's Day that JM wanted but at least we got to spend the day hanging out together. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June trip to Edisto Gardens

Another attempt to keep the kids entertained through the dog days of summer.

Riding Bikes

Clearly these photos were taken before temperatures hit 100+ degrees.

Trip to Mom's

 Judah and Uncle Matt got sent to a table by themselves
 Harper put on my dad's sunglasses one night while we were watching tv?
 future meteorologists (that would make Daddy happy)
 With Granny outside the Coca Cola space center
Two cute kids and an alien

June Miscellaneous

 Play area at the Columbia Centre
Somehow Harper got the dinosaur train stuck in her hair?