Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Video from Thanksgiving program Part 2

Video of Thanksgiving Program Part 1

I don't think John Mark had a seizure while filming these videos, but I am not sure what happened.

Judah Thanksgiving program

on stage, on the right
in the classroom after the program
marching in with his class
showing off his teepee picture
the pilgrim

Cutest little Indian (Native American)

Monday, December 5, 2011

First Attempt at Pigtails

Now if she would only leave her hair pulled up!

On to November

Harper loves to put on my Papa's hat so we had to get a picture when she put it on with the overalls Aunt Mandi got her. She is a country girl like her mama.

Trying to forget Halloween 2011

Doesn't like the balloon popping game
Fairy princess thingy
Our only Halloween pictures are from the fall festival from the school down the street. Judah started feeling sick over the weekend and spent all of the day before Halloween in bed with a stomach bug. This is the second out of three Halloweens that he has been sick so we are hoping it goes better next year. He has already been asking, "When is the next Halloween?" Such a sad Spiderman.

Zoo with Daddy

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Wearing her brother's Halloween mask because someone should get to (more on that later).

Harper brushes her teeth

Harper loves to brush her teeth! I think she really loves to chew on the toothbrush more, but everytime I brush Judah's teeth she runs down the hall to get her toothbrush. I hope that she continues to love to brush once we are brushing her teeth everyday. I have to fight her brother everyday to brush his - maybe she will be easier!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random October Pics

Picture time

Anyone who knows me well knows that I hate having my picture taken. I always blink at the wrong time or look like I have three chins. But I was reading a blog post that talked about mothers making sure that they take pictures with their kids instead of just taking pictures of them. You can see how well that went for me here.

Harper 18 months

Harper had a great 18 month check up back in October - here she is cheesing before all the shots started and the crying began.

Weight: 25.3 lbs.
Height: 32.3
Head: 18.5

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Diary of a Sick Day (don't read this if you don't want to read about little kid bodily fluids)

The laundry is piling up
H just had no energy this morning.
JM has prepared the room for further "episodes."
It's pretty clear which kid is sick and which is not.
Trying to keep the well-child entertained.

Finally up-and-at-'em (eating ice chips)

There are no pics of my kids on Halloween because Judah got sick with a stomach bug the night before and was recovering on Halloween. We thought we had dodged the bullet with Harper until she got sick last night. She is currently under quarantine which has been difficult for her brother with his "can't live with her, can't live without her" playmate. Please pray for our family that the vomiting continues to hold off (I can only handle being directly thrown up on once a day) and that Judah stays well.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Raylrode Daze

John Mark was gone to Body Pump training for three days so I decided to venture out to Branchville for Raylrode Daze (I have no idea why it is spelled like that.) It was the first time going so I made several critical mistakes.
1) Listening to the three-year-old.
We got to town just as the parade was ending so we ended up having to walk a really good ways to get to the center of town. I did not bring the double stroller, because Judah has informed me multiple times that he does not like the stroller. This was a bad idea and I paid for it later.
2) Thinking that the heatwave was over.
It ended up being really, really hot (sweat all down your back, hair stuck to your head kind of hot), and I believe that Branchville was suffering from some strange infestation of gnats (kind of like Hitchcock's Birds but with gnats). Clouds of gnats everywhere! We didn't even get any fair food, because I ended up taking the kids to a restaurant in town that was air-conditioned. Just too hot.
3) Thinking that a small town like Branchville would not have ridiculously high prices for tickets.
Tickets were $1 apiece and each ride was at the minimum four tickets. Multiply that by two kids and it got out of hand quickly. After I had used up the $10 in tickets that I had purchased and the $8 in tickets random people had given me (told you it was hot), I decided to call it a day. At this point, Harper is shrieking because she does not want to get back in her stroller. Judah is shrieking because he wants me to give him $5 to play some kind of fish game in a kiddie pool (seriously?).
At this point, me and my two shrieking children began the mile-and-a-half trek back to our car. Judah is crying that he is hot and tired and can't take another step. Harper has passed out and is almost falling out of the stroller she is so asleep. We finally make it back to the van and I crank the air-conditioner way up!!!
The moral of this story is that I don't know that we will be going back for Railroad Days or Raylrode Daze or whatever it is next year. Not unless it is seriously 30 degrees cooler.