Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monkey Joe's

John Mark made Judah and Harper's day by using his day off for a family trip to Monkey Joe's. The kids had such a good time. John Mark and I had a good time, but I think that is because my mom went on all the slides with Harper (oops!).

Just cuz...

Getting along for the moment...

I am trying to take pictures of when I catch Judah and Harper actually getting along. They seem to fight so much over toys, etc., so I need to be reminded that they actually like each other sometimes. I still have not figured out what to do since the only toy Harper wants is the one that her brother is currently playing with. Any helpful suggestions?

Hawaii hat

One of Judah's first school projects, in honor of Hawaii week at school. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the Hawaiian shirt and shorts that I sent him to school in one of the days that were way too small (kind of embarrassed about that).

First day of 3k

Judah started 3k at Saint Andrews in Orangeburg. He is only going three days a week for half a day, but he loves it so far! The first thing he asks me when he wakes up in the morning is "Do I have school today?" I was kind of sentimental the first day but Judah asked me if I could drop him off and let him go in his room by himself :-). He is getting to be such a big boy!

Getting ready for school

Judah desperately needed a haircut before school started so John Mark cut his hair. I must say, I was impressed with his handiwork.

Judah's First Trip to the Dentist

Opening wide
Video games while waiting
John Mark took Judah to a pediatric dentist for his first appointment. JM said he did great! The visit didn't get off to a great start because all of the chairs are in an open room. While Judah waited in a chair to be seen, the little boy in the chair next to him started screaming and had to be held down by two techs. JM said that Judah said very matter-of-factly, "I don't think I will have a dentist appointment today." Fortunately, JM was able to calm him down and the rest of the visit went fine.
I had to get a picture while Judah and Harper were reading together. It is so unusual that she is actually letting him stay in the chair and not trying to hit him to get down!

Faces of Harper

Harper has now perfected Judah's "cheese face."