Monday, August 29, 2011

Lesson learned

Harper really wants her arm cleaned
Muddy shorts
You should really check the bottom of the tunnel slide at the playground before you let your kids slide down it. There might be a huge mud puddle at the bottom and your youngest (who is going down the slide alone for the first time) might end up in the mud puddle head first. Nothing to do after the mess but let them play in the dirt some more and hose them off at the end.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pool time with friends

Harper and Moriah
Judah and his trucks
Carrie and Harper

Our good friends let us tag along with them to the pool for some end of summer fun before school starts. (Did I mention Judah is starting school? - I guess that is a post for another day.) We had SO much fun!


Judah likes to call himself the Cookie Monster
Little sister now wants to do everything her big brother does

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Highlights from a surprise trip to New Orleans

The obligatory walk down Bourbon Street
Hanging out in the French Market
Cafe' Du Monde
Pat O'Briens - ah, the memories
Did you know that if you take the "souvenir" cups back to the bar you get cash?
I am not ashamed to admit that we were collecting the ones people left on tables around us.John Mark was fascinated by the fact that the piano player used an Ipad.

John Mark surprised me with an overnight trip to Nola while we were staying with his family in Baldwin County. We had such a good time - thanks to our awesome babysitters for watching the kiddos!

Trip to Baldwin County - Part 2

Annual dinner for mine and Mandi's bday
Pudding face
Aunt Mandi & Uncle Chris (& Grandma studying the menu)
Judah loves the Train museum
Walking with Papa
Checking out the trains

Trip to Baldwin County - Part 1

Ordering breakfast at Aunt Mandi's counter
Sharing the "reading" chair
Cool chick

Storytime with Papa
Harper throwing the dominoes with Papa's supervision
Judah working with Nana

Front porch fun

It has been just a teeny bit cooler around here lately, and we have been enjoying some time on the front porch until the sun drives us indoors. I know that most of these pics are of Harper but I had to get JM to capture Harper's new "cheese" face. Every time anyone pulls out a camera she has to squinch up her face for a picture. So cute!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Judah and Granny at Day Out with Thomas

Random August Pics

Wearing Mama's sunglasses and shoes
He asked me if he looks like a teenager
Wearing Paw Paw's hat

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Judah's new tricycle

Judah won a tricycle through our summer reading program at the library. Please don't ever say it is a tricycle in front of him though. It is a bicycle. Harper now "rides" on his other tricycle while he rides the new one. It has made for some nice days out on the front porch when it isn't so hot! Hopefully, the hurricane will bring us some cooler weather here in SC.

Harper and Daddy

Harper hung out with Daddy one of the days I took Judah to swim lessons. The pics were just too cute not to post.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Morning Stuff

Harper gets up before Judah every morning. After a quick diaper change, she likes to get in her rocking chair from Grandma and "read" her books. So cute!!!

Harper loves Usher

I have to say my favorite part is the kickstand near the end.

Nobody gets between Harper and her PB& J

Judah Swimming

Swim lessons - Video 1

Judah is not actually swimming in this video - I believe he is showing off his new goggles for his Granny. He went up and down in the water until it was finally his turn to swim (made me tired just watching.) And that is my Mom cackling in the video.

Swim lessons

Learning to put his head underwater on the first day
Ready for his first day
Patiently waiting his turn
Judah had such a great teacher
Loving the goggles Granny got him

We signed Judah up for swim lessons at the Y. He had such a good time and wants to know when he can take classes again. He didn't have any trouble at all putting his face in the water and didn't mind jumping in the pool. The instructor would even help him to the bottom of the pool to pick up swim rings. I think the Y is going to have another set of lessons in September so hopefully we can get him signed up again.