Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Daddy and Harper
Checking out his stocking
Harper thinks all toys are for eating
A little bit of Xmas snow
Sweet Harper
Judah with part of his stash

Monday, March 28, 2011

Zoo Lights at Riverbanks Zoo (in December, of course)

Loving the carousel
Mesmerized by the fake snow
Bundled up cutie

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Big Boy is Three (well, back in December)

The birthday boy
Harper loved the balloon and party hat
The Thomas cake!
Thanking the bride
And the groom
Loved the backpack from Grandma
Harper wanted in on the action

Aunt Mandi was really sweet and planned a birthday party for Judah on the night of her wedding rehearsal. He had a Thomas themed table and cake (which he loved) and got to open his presents. He had so much fun.
I always thought that we had gotten so "lucky" avoiding the terrible twos but they waited to show up right when Judah turned three. He has quite the sassy mouth (like his mother) and is definitely into some boundary pushing. He has more energy than anyone I know and the only time that his mouth is not moving is when he is asleep. He has questions about everything and is very into making up stories right now (mostly involving guns and snakes after I told him a story about my dad. Yikes!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wedding fun

Mr. and Mrs. Cagle
The parents of the bride
Mom and Judah
Happy Harper

My sister-in-law, Mandi, got married in mid-December. I was a bridesmaid, JM performed part of the ceremony, and Harper and Judah were honorary ring-bearer and flower girl. I ended up singing a duet with JM during the ceremony after Julie was attacked by a stomach bug and couldn't come :-(. The kids looked so cute in the wedding finery that Aunt Mandi got them. My mom also came down and helped with the kids so I wouldn't have to miss any of the fun. Thanks, Mom! We had a great time and the wedding was wonderful!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Missing Judah (back to the future)

Silly boy!
Work on puzzles

Judah has been visiting his grandparents in Alabama - it has been two weeks since John Mark saw Judah and nine days since I saw him. We have decided that is way too long! Aunt Mandi and Uncle Chris are delivering him back to us today - we are so excited!

Christmas cookies with Granny

"Christmas" with the Patricks

Mandi rocking a Snuggi
Books are for eating
Excited about new clothes (as are his parents)Meticulous with the wrapping paper
Hanging with Uncle Chris

We spent the first part of our Christmas celebrations in Silverhill celebrating Mandi's wedding. Judah thought it was great to get presents all month long.

Breakfast with Santa

Turn up your Christmas music because I am finally getting around to updating the blog! That's right, folks, early December pictures here. Please excuse my tardiness by feasting your eyes on the cutest kids around (forgive my bias).

More pics of Harper

I wanted to finally post the stats from Harper's nine-month check-up (back in January). I know I missed the Christmas pics, but they are coming. They have adjusted her Prevacid (again) and she is back to sleeping and we are very grateful!

Height: 28 in.
Weight: 18.2 lb.
Head: 17.2 in.