Friday, December 14, 2007

Not a Christmas Program

We had Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb of God" at our church Tuesday night. It was amazing!! The first part started off with Bebo Norman, Sara Groves, Andy Osenga, and Jill Phillips singing a couple of their songs. I would have paid money to see any of them separately but to see them all together in one show was great. The second half was a performance of the "Christmas" musical by Andrew Peterson. I have that in quotes because it is unlike any Christmas program that I have ever seen. The focus from beginning to end was God's plan of redemption throughout the Old and New Testaments, culminating in the birth of Christ. To be walked song by song through God's sovereign working throughout the history of man put the meaning of the holidays in perspective. Having a tree, presents, parties, etc. - all that stuff is fine - but it is so not the point at Christmas or any other time of the year. It was such a good reminder for me! The original Cds of the program are available for purchase at Andrew's website here.

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