Thursday, December 25, 2008

First Birthday

Judah turned one on December 17th. We had a small party with family and a few friends on the 13th. First picture of the birthday boy
Judah and Kyle banging on the glass
My too cute birthday shirt

I love birthdays!

He acted like he enjoyed the icing but did not seem as fond of the cake.


Susan said...

What a cute little guy! I can't believe he is 1! PS--I got so depressed when I saw your new return address labels on your Christmas card!! Ya'll are soooo going to be missed!

Anonymous said...

How time flies!!! Happy Birthday, Judah!

Julianna will be 1 this Saturday, so I relate to having a one-year-old around the house. Never a dull moment! TONS of FUN!

I miss y'all. When are y'all moving? Not that you will be much closer to us then either...when are you coming to visit Mickey? :-)

Love you!

Michelle Jones