Saturday, February 21, 2009

An Open Letter to Amber, Audrey, and Cathy

Dear Amber, Audrey, and Cathy,

I appreciated the book of toddler activities that you gave me for Judah. Being a first time stay at home mom, you all know how worried I was about finding things to keep Judah occupied. The book has been helpful - we blew bubbles, did the puzzle, and colored yesterday. One of the books' suggestions, however, has caused problems in the Patrick household. This is what John Mark walked into yesterday after work. I have tried to assure him that it is a completely legitimate activity out of the book, but he is not buying it!

Your friend, Shea
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Amber B. said...

Wait until he starts to unroll the toilet paper off the roll!!!!! hahahahaha

JNoah said...

Shea, please tell John Mark that this is a VERY legitmate activity. It's from page 162 of the book "Ten Fun Things to Do That Will Make Daddy Raise His Eyebrows, But Kept Me Out of Mommy's Hair for Fifteen Minutes So She Could Pee."

Audrey said...

Ditto to Amber's comment and when he thinks white kitchen cabinets are to be drawn on! I'm glad you did have some amusement:-) One other thing to assist you is Sesame Street.:-) It really is cute and there are some inside jokes for adults.