Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am trying to catch up on blogging but I am almost a year behind (gasp!) John Mark's parents were here with us for Easter and took some really good pics of the cutest little boy in the world (okay, I am prejudiced). Thought I would share some of my favs.


Brook said...

These ARE great pics! I love the one of the 3 of you together. Can I request a blog subject?? I'd love to know how your pregnancy is going and maybe a little update on baby #2. And maybe an update on how you're settling into your new town and home. that's more than 1 subject, but inquiring minds and all that!

Anonymous said...

What a handsome little guy! Thanks for doesn't matter how behind you are...just keep going. Eventually you'll get there, right?

I actually just resent a returned piece of mail to a family member - it was Julianna's baby announcement from January 2008...yes, 2008. So don't feel bad. It is just the way it is. We've got busy ones and another cooking. There's really not that much time to stay on top of anything, much less the laundry. HA!

Love and miss you guys! Michelle Fischer Jones