Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Judah Turns Four

Waiting to dig in
Granny's handiwork
Trying to maneuver the dinosaur feet
Pin the tail on the dinosaur
Harper needed attention too
Hunting dinosaur eggs
Hanging out on the playground
Let her eat (cup)cake

We had a birthday party for Judah and some of his buddies the Sunday after his birthday. I tried to come up with the games, etc. by myself and it was a lot. If it had not have been for all of our family that were in town helping out, it would not have gotten done. Thankfully, Judah had a good time. He has ranked the party games from his most favorite to his least favorite. No big shocker that the dinosaur relay (and the huge cereal box shoes) came in last. Oh well, things to keep in mind for next year.
I am toying with the idea of celebrating his half-birthday in June. His birthday is really close to Christmas, and he forgot most of the toys that he got by the time Christmas was done. It also made my plan for really focusing our family on Advent a little off. I guess I have time to figure out what to do.

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