Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Loungin' Around

So it seems as if this blog has been completely taken over by a particular 4 month old. All that we do is post pictures of him and talk about him as if the 2 adults who started this blog somehow lost their identities as soon as he arrived. Maybe we'll eventually get back to some of the more interesting blog posts about topics I'm sure you're dying to read about (like this one: Why is it that people with Nextel phones only know how to use them as speakerphones? I'm almost positive that you can hold them up to your ear and mouth like a regular phone and carry on a conversation like a normal person without the rest of the world having to hear all about your personal business.), but as for now, more pictures of JGP will have to suffice. I think he has some sense of his own cuteness in his little bathrobe--he was really putting on a show for the camera last night.
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Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying the pictures and comments concerning my handsome young great-grandson. I check each day to see if a new one has been added. KEEP THEM COMING!!! Great-grandma Patrick