Monday, April 7, 2008

Yes sir, that's my baby!

It is intimidating to have professional photographers for in-laws and a husband who is an amateur photographer (who takes multiple pictures so that he can play with how the light looks - what is that?!?!) Thus, you don't see many pictures that I have taken because they end up looking like these:

Yes, part of JM's head is missing!

But the Saturday before Easter, Judah and I were hanging out while JM worked in the yard and I took these. I guess Judah is so cute it doesn't matter how bad the photographer is!

The onesie is one that Noelle Glaze designed. John Mark says boys are not supposed to wear yellow stars but I think he looks adorable.


Mom(aka Nana) said...

Shea....thank you so much for posting the pictures! I think "the photographer" did a great job. How could you possibly go wrong with such handsome subjects?'s okay for the newest member of the family to wear a star on his chest!! Afterall. . . He's our superstar. Love ya'll!

Leah McDonald said...

Great Pics, Shea!