Friday, May 9, 2008

Apologies (with parenthetical comments)

We do hereby solemnly apologize for the following:

1. that we waited almost two weeks to post anything new (cut us some slack, people--our lives have been a little crazy as of late!)

2. that we are only posting two more of those low quality videos of the babe (did you happen to offer to buy us a real video camera to make better videos? i didn't think so.)

3. that the videos are upside down (you complain because there's nothing new on the blog, and now you wanna gripe about having to stand on your head to see it?!)

4. that JGP isn't doing anything all that impressive in the videos (you try and capture something cute and adorable when all the little booger does is stare at the red light in silence every time you turn the camera on!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I miss him very much. He is SO close to rolling over! :) I love the sneezes too, good effect :)
Aunt Mandi

JNoah said...

Yeah, leave them alone! Jerks! (I think they're slackers too.)