Saturday, November 22, 2008


So Brook tagged me to post the fourth photo from the fourth folder on my computer - my computer is so unorganized that I don't even have folders for my photos so this is off JM's laptop.
The picture is of our puppy Edison on my parents' dock, back when we used to pay attention to and take pictures of he and his sister Bella before a certain someone came along. It's not even one of the good pictures either so I am posting a follow-up - the third picture out of my fourth folder:
So I am tagging four new people as instructed:
1) Julie A.
2) Susan M.
3) Leanne H.
4) Michelle J.


Brook said...

He's a cutie! Thanks for playing.

Hank and Laura said...

I love your blog! You have a beautiful family...including your puppy.

Susan said...

I responded to your tag! Love all the videos--I just want to pinch a good way though. =)

Michelle Jones said...

Okay. So what does that mean? I'm confused...I don't know what "tagging" means. Remember? I live under a rock.

Are we in 3rd grade?

Shea said...


Just follow the instructions in the post - it's easy - like third grade!