Saturday, July 24, 2010

May 2010

Cute pumpkin!
We were eating dinner one night and Judah had gone into the bedroom to try to get Harper to stop crying by giving her her paci.
Granny reading to Judah.
Big brother giving some love.
Little explorer.

Did I mention that I love Harper? Did I also mention that this go round has been harder than Judah? Harper is a screamer - especially when we first brought her home - but also whenever we do something that she doesn't want. Like bathing her, trying to put her to bed at night, etc. She still is not sleeping through the night which according to a magazine puts her in the 3% of kids not sleeping through the night at 3 months - oh, to be part of the 97%! (The picture of Judah and Granny above is from when I called and begged my mom to come and help me after one miserable night). But those smiles that she gives when she is not screaming bloody murder are precious. I need to post a picture of that so when she gets older she doesn't think I was just negative. :-)

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