Friday, September 21, 2007

Wake me if I'm dreaming...

I think the song really says "don't wake me" but I am definitely for the opposite right now. Since I have been pregnant, I have been having the craziest dreams. I wake up in the morning just shaking my head. For example, last night's dream consisted of three parts:

Part 1: I am at a cheerleader competition with my high school squad. We are first up to perform but oops, we haven't practiced at all. So basically we sucked.

Part 2: (There are no real transitions in the dreams either). I am back at TSU for the first day of classes and can't remember what class I am supposed to be going to or where my dorm room is or anything like that. This is one that I have been having over and over again.

Part 3: Ok, this is the one that concerns me most of all. Jesse Jackson is at my house. I am not sure why but JM, JJ, and I are just chilling. That is just bizarre.

My pastor, Bob, has been preaching through Daniel and I am needing a dream interpreter of my own these days. Even I can detect the common theme running through the top two, but Jesse Jackson? That is just weird.


Julie A. said...

Usually I'm pretty good at coming up with some kind of interpretation but the Jesse Jackson thing is baffling.

Shea said...

You're telling me!

Susan Moll said...

HA!! You crack me up. I have so much fun reading your postings.