Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What's in a Name? - Part Two

I wanted to be able to post a picture of Judah's namesake when we originally announced his name but was not able to get a picture of my great-grandmother until this weekend (thanks, Aunt Pat). This picture is of my great-grandmother, Della Judah Carroll, and her son, my grandfather. She had black hair on the day she died (a trait that unfortunately did not get passed down to me or it would have saved me some serious Clairol money).
She lived in Ozark, Alabama and we would go down to visit fairly regularly. She had three sons and one daughter so it was always a fairly decent-sized gathering when we would all get together (But it could not compare to the Sasser gatherings in Slocumb with my Granny and her 11 brothers and sisters). My brother and I always liked to go to her house because she had an old shed in the back with all manner of things for us to get into until our parents would catch us. It is so neat that after all this time, I can still remember the sound of her voice. She passed away several years ago and my grandaddy will have been gone two years in December. I think that he would have been pleased with the name choice.


th77hunter said...

Sweet! How special to have that picture to show Judah!

Susan Moll said...

That's so neat Shea! Ya'll really came up with a great name.