Friday, October 12, 2007

I've Been Set-up!

John Mark and I went to see Broadway Across America's Phantom of the Opera last night. This is actually the first time that the two of us have done anything that could be considered remotely date-like in months. It was good, but that is not really the point of this blog...

Let me give you the play-by-play of last night. I get home and immediately fall asleep. At some point, I wake up because I hear my phone ring and then hear JM talking on my phone. Nothing really unusual there. He comes upstairs later to tell me dinner is ready. I go downstairs and fix my plate, eat, and then go upstairs to change clothes for the show.

On the way to the BJCC, I ask him what he did with my phone and he tells me that he put it on the counter. Since I was not the last one to use it, I just accept this without question and move on. I borrow his phone to call my folks who are flying back in from Israel and leave a message.

We get to the show and I try to call my parents a couple of more times on his phone and then the show starts. It is a really good production and we are both enjoying it. They get to the scene where the Phantom has taken Christine down to his lair. He begins to sing "The Music of the Night" - the most famous song from the show. It is deathly quiet; obviously, everyone is caught up in the show.

Then it happens. Ever so faintly I hear a cell phone ring. It sounds like my ringtone but it is kind of muffled. My heart drops and I lunge for my purse. At that point, it starts ringing loudly! I am mortified. We are both attacking my purse looking for the phone as it shreiks in the middle of this dynamic performace by the Phantom. All eyes turn to us - looking to see who the idiots are who are ruining the show by having their phone on. You know the look - I have given it to people myself many times. John Mark finally yanks the battery out of the back of my phone and the ringing finally stops.

So what happens next? We get into a fight sitting in the middle of the performance about who put the phone back in the purse. He is positively sure that he did not put it in my purse while I am absolutely sure that I did not touch my phone after I got home yesterday. We are sitting as far away from each other in our adjoining seats as we can, both with our arms crossed, stewing at the other. It was a wonderful way to spend our evening after purchasing tickets and finally going on a date!


John Mark said...

is there an official medical diagnostic term for "crazy pregnant lady delusions"?

Julie A. said...

Wish I could have been there to see everyone looking at you, the two of you scrambling to turn the phone off, and then argue without disturbing those around you. HILARIOUS!!!

Mary Frances said...

I have friends that were at last night's show...can't wait to ask them if they saw the crazy couple with the cell phone!!!!!

The Giffens said...

And I'm a bad husband?!?

Anonymous said...

Julie told me about what happened. Therefore I checked 47 times before Phantom started, just making sure that my phone was on silent.