Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Shea the Buddhist

No, maybe it is Hindu. But don't worry it is not as weird as it looks. There was a Baby Expo at the Galleria this weekend and I participated in a prenatal yoga demonstration. This was one of the many nice shots that JM took of the event that I could post, but I refuse to post one where my rear is sticking up in the air or my belly is poking out (and for some reason that basically covers the rest of the pics!)
So it was weird doing yoga in the middle of the Galleria on a Saturday but I am getting 1/2 off my water aerobics class which I really love so it was very much worth it!


Mary Frances said...

You need to let people know when you're doing stuff like this so we can come watch, point, and laugh...hahaha!!

Shea said...

Thus the reason why I didn't tell anyone!