Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ode to the Accord

John Mark bit the bullet and sold the Accord, for which I am very grateful. I had been afraid between our two unreliable cars that one of them was just going to up and die on us and his car got sold just because it was older (mine instead got an expensive repair job).

So he has been in mourning since the deal closed. But I don't really get it. The car was a hundred years old and we've had to get it repaired multiple times. And the biggest thing, I felt like I had to roll out of it when I got out of the car (especially now). The back seat was way too small for people to ride in comfortably. And there was no way you were going to get a car seat in there. Now, he has an '02 Camry. It's not snazzy, but it's reliable. And you can eat a hamburger while you drive it (since it is not a stick).

But still, he longs for the Accord. I just don't get men and their cars.


Corey Nolen said...

i too am about to part ways with my old car. i like to think we'll meet on the street again someday... it helps me cope. shea, i know your about to have a baby and have your own needs, but i think john mark might need some special attention right now as well. may i suggest surprising him with a brand new '08 accord to fill that deep void in his heart. it is probably the only way he'll get through.

also, i've been wanting to tell you guys this but haven't run into you since. we went to workplay to see MPJ the other night. he was with a full band, 2 other acts, and was great. unfortunately there were only about 20 people there to see it. i felt really bad for him, he is too good to have that sort of turn out.

Jason Sears said...

It's time for a minivan . . . They don't make those with sticks either!

John Mark said...

Shea--stop eating while you drive!! it's dangerous!

Corey--thanks for understanding. the couple that lives across the street from us just got an '08 Accord. i can't stop drooling. I hate to hear that about MPJ--i hope that doesn't mean he won't come back to Bham.

Jason--you are cruel, cruel, cruel.