Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Six Month Old (Part One)

I'm six months old today! I thought I would let you see how I spent the day.
First, I woke up. And no, I don't have any pajamas on because I was burning up last night. The mean lady at the doctor's office jabbed me in the legs 4 times yesterday, and I was miserable the rest of the day and night! Glad I don't have to go back there for another 3 months!
After breakfast daddy strapped me in the jogging stroller, and we went for a really long walk. Surprisingly, I was able to stay awake for the whole thing.
After I took a little nap, I ate some carrots and rice cereal.
I'm much better eating from a spoon than I was 2 months ago,
but it's still a pretty messy process.
After lunch, it was time for some errands. I tried to stay awake long enough for the Publix picture, but daddy remembered to get out the camera a little too late...zzzzzz.


Susan Moll said...

Six Months! Crazy how time flies. He is just such a cutie. =)

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months Judah! Aunt Mandi misses you!!!
I love the pictures :) Can't wait to see Part Two

Anonymous said...

This is too cute!!! What a pictorial (?) diary. Keep it coming.


Brook said...

Too cute! I've got a hot natured little monkey, too. His hands and feet are always sweaty. Is it just a boy thing?