Monday, June 2, 2008

Jumping Around (kinda)

So we hit the yard sales again recently. For those of you who are relatively new to the blog and don't already know of our fondness (obsession?) of the yard sale, you can catch up a little here and here. On this recent outing we were specifically looking for a baby jumper for JGP. We found one at the very first place we stopped. Cheap. Clean. Very good condition. Check, check, and check. We also found lots of great stuff we weren't even looking for. Two of those Velcro swaddle blankets in a larger size (Is 5 1/2 months too old to be swaddling your baby? I dunno, but he sure does sleep better that way. Even if it does look like a straight-jacket.), 2 unopened, unexpired cans of the formula we are using (I'm too embarrassed to tell you how little we paid; it was basically robbery.) and two boxes of the pre-measured formula-on-the-go packets (We would NEVER buy those at the store--they are way too expensive, but at yard sale prices they sure are nice to have.). Enjoy the pictures of the jumper in use. He seems to really enjoy it, though he seems to do more of a sliding-foot-shuffle rather than actually jumping. See you out this Saturday morning!


Mom (aka Nana) said...

That's the cutest little jumping shuffler that I've ever seen! Love and miss ya'll!!!

Ashley said...

Hey Shea! So glad that you found my blog so that now I found yours! Thanks for the prayers.. so amazing to see your miracle baby! Neat to see how the Lord worked it all out..praying the same will happen for us!

Brook said...

When DO you stop swaddling? I'm too scared to try!