Monday, June 16, 2008

A weekend pretending to still be young

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but this is a JGP-free post.  But don't get too upset--he turns 6 months tomorrow, and if the planets and stars align properly, I should be able to post a few pictures of the star of this blog.

This weekend me and the Mrs. got to pretend we are not old farts by going out Friday AND Saturday nights.  We were up after midnight TWO nights in a row (That is quite a feat when 9:00 is more and more becoming a normal bedtime!) and got to hear some GREAT live music.

Friday night we went to a really small concert at a loft downtown to hear two singer-songwriters with one of our best friends, Gayle.  (Thanks for watching JGP, Granny!)

Peter Bradley Adams (We had not heard of him before, but really liked him.  Can you find us in the picture?)
Matthew Perryman Jones (We really like this guy and think you should rush to buy his CD Throwing Punches in the Dark.)

Saturday night we went to City Stages (Birmingham's annual street music festival).  We went primarily to hear Ben Harper (who was AMAZING!!!) but also really enjoyed hearing North Mississippi Allstars and Buddy Guy (who is getting on up there in years, but can still rock!).  Thanks to Gayle who stayed up VERY late watching the little man, so we could go have fun.

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Gayle said...

It was a pleasure to pretend...I just pay for it the next day.

Enjoyed my "date" with Judah and am so glad that'll y'all had fun. He showed me the best time I have had in some time--I got to see his formula shakes. Loved it.