Friday, June 6, 2008

Please tilt your head to the left 90 degrees.

Now we have less of the sliding-foot-shuffle and more actual jumping. Enjoy.


Anonymous said... one of his legs longer than the other one?
Just kidding! How cute :)
Thanks, that really brightened my morning.
Aunt Mandi

Anonymous said...

That is so precious!! He really shows how happy he is, and that he enjoys what he is doing. Each day I watch and listen to each one, and appreciate you sharing them with me. Thank you, and keep them coming!!
Great-Grandma P.

Carolynn said...

Hey Shea! Carolynn Woodall here! I discovered you blog through Nikki's blog! Now I can add it to the list of blogs I check regularly. Feel free to check out ours!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being parents Shea and John Mark!! Belated happy first Mother's and Father's days! I'm just now discovering your newest addition and he sure is a cutie. I saw where Nikki started a blog and, through hers, I found yours and have enjoyed catching up. I think I may have to start this blogging business too! Right now I just have a website for Ben and I've been horrible at keeping it updated: ( Anyway, I hope you are both doing well. This has been a blast from your TSU past....Brook (Bass) Cotton