Saturday, July 28, 2007

This Week's Yard Sale Finds

Yesterday, when I looked at the yard sales in the newspaper, I was none too impressed. I only found three around our neighborhood that were worth checking out, but one of the three did say "lots of brand new baby clothes." When you go to a lot of yard sales, you learn to take the ads with a grain of salt--sometimes people will say anything in their ad just to get folks to come out. Not the case with this one. When we walked down the driveway, we eventually found a huge bag full of baby clothes, all with the tags still on them. Turns out, the lady holding the sale used to work for GapKids and had a bad habit of buying all the cute baby clothes despite the fact she didn't actually have a baby. Now that she has decided to clean out her house, we racked up! We got everything that you see here for less than $1.50 an item, and amazingly it is all in a pretty good range of sizes from 0-12 months. (Now Shea is worried that no one will want to have a baby shower for us since it seems that we have gone a little insane--but I promise we have gotten it out of our system and will stop with the yard saleing--at least until next Saturday.)


Anonymous said...

Don't worry! The shower planned for the southern part of the state is still on...for October 20th, right? We'll make sure that little....Rufus?...has everything he needs. :)
love, aunt Mandi

Mom said...

Yep! In reference to the above comment: someone down here is praying ". . . . and God bless Shea, John Mark and Rufus" (and it's not me!!!) We need a name for this little boy!!!!! :) Love you!

John Mark said...

THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!! Did Shea tell you we were thinking about Rufus or was it ESP? We still haven't decided if it shoud be his first or middle name. Any suggestions?

Mom said...

I shall defer to the person who came up with the name. :) We'll see if he has any other suggestions!

Anonymous said...

I am the guilty party BUT I have been quoted out of context!!!!!!!

Certain females joined in an impatient chorus about needing a name and I suggested the name to meet THEIR needs (of course if the effort also prodded certain individuals into making a decision or publicizing an already made decision that would be an added bonus). Seems I am being used for other peoples purposes.

As for the yard sale clothes - it was very easy to look at the clothes and visualize wiggling little arms and legs sticking out of the clothes and somehow this whole idea of a grandchild came alive! Not that it hasn't been real before but there is a transition from the "idea" of a grandchild (now we know grandson) to "flesh and blood". You know, this can be fun!

As for future efforts to incriminate me - keep in mind that I have NEVER needed any help getting into trouble. Take everything you hear with that proverbial "grain of salt".


Shea said...

Patience is a virtue (or so I have been told).