Sunday, July 8, 2007

No bombs--cheap eats

WARNING: this post contains information that may be upsetting to my wife and my mother. Read at your own risk.

After going to church here tonight (for a really great service), I headed over to Piccadilly Circus to try to find a couple of cheap restaurants that I had read about in a travel guide. I found them both hidden on a little side street and decided on West End Kitchen. London is an expensive city to begin with, but the expense is GREATLY compounded by the fact that the US $ is incredibly weak right now. To give you some idea, the quarter-pounder meal at Micky-D's is 4 pounds which translates to about $8.50 US. Needless to say, I was quite pleased with myself when I ate my largest meal in the UK for a mere 11 pounds (tax and tip included). It included an appetizer, a very generously-portioned entree, dessert, and a (small) glass of wine. I'm sure I will visit here again before my departure.

When I left the restaurant and walked around the block, I saw a sign that had INCIDENT in big bold letters and said something to the effect of "We are interested in information from anyone who saw a green Mercedes parked in front of this club on June 29th..." OOPS! I knew that the incident was around Piccadilly Circus, but I had no idea I was on the very street, in front of the very club. Weird.
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Shea said...

You are in big trouble, mister!

Mom said...

Please read above comment!! I second that comment. We'll deal with you later :)

love you! Mom