Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Greetings from the UK

Alive and well here in London. I have not posted since I have been here mainly because I have no idea how to shuck my experiences down into a simple post. I'm having an amazing time (but being away from my beautiful bride is even more difficult than I imagined it would be--fortunately we are able to talk on the phone a couple times a day without going into the poor house). I'm learning lots about ministry in an urban setting (not just any setting--in one of the global mega-cities of the world) and am being stretched and challenged in my thinking, assumptions, biases and every way imaginable. As for the pictures I've included, they're not the normal touristy fare (you all know what Big Ben looks like, don't you?) but I saw these colors today in a street market in Notting Hill and their intensity really grabbed my eye. Talk to you soon...

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