Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Surreal Life

Yep, the alien looking thing up there is my baby boy. The ultrasound was one of the most emotional experiences I have had (not that everything isn't emotional these days due to hormones). Those of you who know me know that my excitement about seeing the baby was tempered with the equally frightening possibility that the ultrasound would reveal something wrong with the baby. After the technician began the ultrasound, it was about five minutes before she said anything. Five minutes of me trying to make out something human in the grainy images - five minutes of me hypervenilating as I thought that something was wrong and that's why she wasn't saying anything. Once she finally started pointing out things, she and JM start pointing and smiling while I am laying there wondering what in the world they were seeing that I was not seeing. It reminded me of those posters that used to be so popular, where you have to concentrate to be able to locate the image. I suck at the posters too!
So, then he starts moving. I start crying. I see arms - I see legs. He has a head, a brain, and a heart - my heart starts beating again. So then comes the moment of truth. JM said he saw "something" before the nurse even said anything. I still didn't see anything until she draws the big line around the little guy's man parts. The waterworks begin again. Out of all the images we got from the ultrasound, it turns out these are the clearest pics. But I just didn't feel that it was right to put his stuff out there for the whole internet to see!

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Anonymous said...

Brenda Marsh
I am so happy for you and John Mark. I know Grannie is dancing in heaven!!! I love you both and the best part is my sister will finally be a grannie!!!

Love ya
Aunt Brenda