Monday, July 2, 2007

Poor, poor, pitiful me

So JM and Julie have both made it to their foreign destinations. Thanks so much to all of you that prayed for support for Julie and JM's passport and flights. The car bombs have had me a little concerned but JM assures me that security is tight in London. So, the puppies and I have been left alone for two and half weeks, contemplating the unfairness of my husband and best friend leaving the country at the exact same time.
As I sat alone eating at Waffle House yesterday, I was contemplating my pitiful state. It is hard for me to be alone. I always have had roommates and then I got married so I have never lived by myself. It is really strange not to have other people around. My default thing over the past couple of days has been to mindlessly sit in front of the tv. I was praying as I left church yesterday that God would use this time to strengthen my relationship with Him. Which means that the TV must be turned off and I make the choice to spend some time with the Lord.
Please pray for me. In the loneliness of the next couple of weeks, I want to turn to the One who sometimes gets crowded out of my busy, noisy life - not to the TV.


John Mark said...

when i clicked on to read your post, the music thingy started playing Everlasting God. Very appropriate for your post and your request: "Strength WILL rise as we wait upon the Lord." It's a promise from the Father--claim it. If you need ideas for what to do when you turn off the tv, maybe Isaiah 40?
you're the greatest! i love you!

Anonymous said...

That's my favorite picture of the three of you! I'll be praying for, Leanne