Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Where all the bad priests go?

Some of us went here tonight for an evening prayer service. We went for the experience but also because it costs 10 pounds (apx. $21 US) to tour the Abbey. Worshippers get in free, but you have to agree to stay for the whole service. The service was a typical evening prayer service in the Anglican tradition (although it had a pretty strong Roman Catholic flavor to it). The service could have been nice if it didn't seem like all those leading it were about to gouge their eyes out from boredom. The lady who did most of the reading of the prayers could not have read them any faster--kinda reminded me of when the flight attendants give the safety talk before the plane takes off. Several of the priests were yawning; one had a painful scowl on his face. It made me wonder to myself if the Abbey Duty is given to the naughty priests as some type of punishment.
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