Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fall Festival

Pumpkins Judah decorated with his Nana and Aunt Mandi.
Bobbing for rubber duckies?
Fishing for lollipops.

I was on Julie's birthday cruise for Halloween and Judah was staying with his grandparents so we celebrated early by taking him to the Fall Festival at the school down the street. No, he is not dressed as one of the "Grumpy Old Men" - that's just what he was wearing that day. There weren't many activities for a two-year-old but he did enjoy fishing for lollipops and reaching in the water to pick one of the rubber duckies (after I demonstrated a couple of times). Nana and Aunt Mandi tried to take him trick or treating on Halloween but the costumes were a no-go. I really wish I had the pictures to post where they were trying to get him dressed - hilarious! Maybe next year!

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