Monday, March 8, 2010

Not a Fan

Looking at the previous posts, you can see that Judah's hair got a little shaggy before we decided to do something about it. Turns out that I knew what I was talking about by waiting. Judah hated getting his hair cut. It took both me and John Mark holding him down and even then the barber was just trying to cut his hair as he screamed and moved. Mom and I took him for his second haircut right after my Papa died and he did the same thing with two of us holding him. The barber finally gave up. Luckily, John Mark has decided he wants to try to cut his hair from now on. Our first attempt was with him sitting in a chair in front of Mickey Mouse clubhouse and that was kind of okay. The second time John Mark tried to cut his hair while he was in the bathtub - Again, you would have thought that he had been injured in a prior hair-cutting attempt. No, that was me at Gayfers as a child but that's another story for another day

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