Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Julie's Bday Cruise

Julie decided that she wanted to go on a cruise this year for her birthday. Being her best friend, I didn't want to miss it. I adore Julie and would do anything for her - but I am not sure that I will ever step on another cruise ship again. Maybe pregnancy was to blame. I was desperately ill the entire trip and spent a ton of my time in front of the toilet for much different reasons than other people that were on the cruise (not with our group, mind you).
We spent Halloween on board the ship with Julie as the Cat in the Hat with a bunch of blue-haired "Things."
Julie sampling cough medicine.
The ride into Cozumel. I was so thankful to get off the ship and not be sick for a little while. But then it rained and rained and we ended up going back to the ship early. Argh!!
They sang happy birthday to Julie while we were at the restaurant. I made them sing again after I found the video feature on my camera. Turns out you have to pay extra for that.
Me and the birthday girl (and the baby pooch) in front of the ship.

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